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Children are playful, creative and wonderfully curious

BioKidd was created by us - two nature-loving moms, Dace and Antra. We come from different professional backgrounds but share common values. Dace does marketing & design, Antra leads production and formulating. 
Children are playful, creative and wonderfully curious.
As parents, we observe and enjoy this approach to life every day and we owe a lot of our best ideas to our children. Sometimes our pre-schoolers are the best product testers and often choose the best colours for our new face paint kits.
As we were starting BioKidd, we were determined to find natural face paint for our kids. There is so much face paint in the market today but rarely you can find a truly natural product that does no harm. So we selected a few key principles - what is a good face paint:
1. Natural and organically certified ingredients;
2. Easy to apply and most important - easy to wash off!
3. Friendly to sensitive skin;
4. Sustainable, produced here, in our home country (Latvia, EU);
5. Beautiful colours.
We strongly feel we all have to take care of each other. Our face paint is therefore produced in Europe.
This ensures that production occurs according to good manufacturing practice (GMP) and under European standards of employment.
It also makes it possible to use wheels, not wings, to transport our face paint.
In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint. 

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