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Suitable for adults and kids! Compact box with 3 natural colours inside!



3 natural camouflage colors (green, brown, black) giving it a woodland camo effect. Ideal for military use, paint-balling hunting, pretend-play etc. 


  • SAFE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Made of natural and organic certified ingredients, beeswax + clay + mineral pigments.

  • EASY TO APPLY, EASY TO WASH OFF - Ready to apply without the addition of water, easy to wash off! Ideal for military use, paint-balling, hunting, pretend-play etc.

  • SUITABLE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - great for outdoor activities! Compact box with 3 jars inside.

  • 3 NATURAL CAMOUFLAGE COLORS - The pigments don't crack, or irritate like other face paints. Certified hypoallergenic.

  • COMPLIANT: With the EU (European Union) cosmetic regulations. Dermatologically tested. Certified hypoallergenic. NO heavy metals, NO lead, NO parabens. Made in EU.

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